Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 19 and Feeling Exhausted!

I literally feel like I could fall over at any second. I am so tired! I bet Isabelle is going through a growth spurt or something. I will definitely be sleeping good tonight. 
With the discouraging day I had on Thursday at the doctors office, I will say that I have been doing really well with keeping my glucose levels where they should be. Except for today after lunch. I had too many carbs at lunch and my numbers were 11 above where they should be. Fortunately the doctor told me on Thursday that they mainly look at the fasting numbers so that is good. Still, I want to start being extra careful with what I eat. The hard part about following a diet for gestational diabetes is that if you want to eat something with a lot of carbs, you can only have a very small amount and you have to decide if it is worth it or not. Otherwise it's best to stick with foods that are low in carbs and high in protein so that you stay full longer. There is something so satisfying about something with a lot of carbs though. Not to mention I have a sweet tooth I inherited from both of my grandmas. Anyways, onto other things :)
Wednesday will be our first plane ride together as a family. Bryelle will be sitting on Bryan's lap and maybe some of the time on mine. I originally thought that my belly would be a bit bigger by now but I am actually doing really good! We are going to CA for my sisters wedding and it will be nice to get away and to see family and friends. 
I really have to step up my game and watch really closely what I eat and make sure to get exercise while we are gone. It is my only chance to prove to the doctors that I can manage my diabetes with diet as well as exercise. I have an appointment the day after we get back so it literally is my only chance. I really don't want to have to take medication or be considered high risk so I will do what it takes to make sure that doesn't happen. 
Yesterday we got down a bunch of boxes from the attic of clothes that were Bryelle's. The funny thing is we just put them up there back in April. Surprisingly she doesn't have as much newborn clothes as I thought she did. She was in newborn for quite a while. Even at 3 months her 3 month clothes were still really big so she still wore some newborn. I will have to get some more for Isabelle that are warm because since Bryelle was born in October it was not very cold. There are so many cute girl outfits out there. I bought the girls matching outfits for when Isabelle comes home from the hospital and I can't wait to see them both in them and take a picture of the two of them together. :) 
Well, that is all for now. Talk to you all again soon :) 

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