Friday, June 27, 2014

First Ultrasound, First OB Appointment and a Darn Cute Announcement

Yesterday was an exciting day to say the least. We had a lot going on and it was a day I looked forward to for almost a month. It was the day we would see our baby on the ultrasound for the first time, and also have our first OB appointment. 
We got up super early, 4AM. My appointment for my ultrasound was at 5AM. I got up and showered and then got Bryelle's things ready to go so we could drop her off with my friend Jessica. At about 4:30 we finally left the house and drove around the corner to drop off Bryelle. Then we were headed to the hospital. It kind of felt like we were going to the hospital to deliver the baby, being so early in the morning, but I can assure you that is not for a very long time from now. 
We arrived at the hospital around 4:45 and headed to radiology. We checked in and had a seat in the waiting room for which felt like an eternity seeing as I had an extremely full bladder. But we were finally called back about 10 minutes later. 
The exam was thorough yet quick. The ultrasound tech measured everything and told us that baby measured 3.8cm. She told us that the baby was measuring a little big, 10wks and 6days, and I was only 10wks and 4days. She said the heart rate was 174 beats per minute which was good. At first the baby was just snoozing so he/she wasn't really moving around at all. But then it started waving it's arms around and kicking it's little legs. It was so cute and definitely a sight to see. It was beautiful. It even opened it's mouth a couple of times and had a couple of hiccups. That concluded our ultrasound appointment. We picked up Bryelle and her and I went back to bed while daddy had to go to work. 
Later that day, we had our first OB appointment. It was with our midwife that we saw with Bryelle and we were both extatic to see each other. When we got in the exam room and sat down, she told me some disappointing news. She told me that she was leaving and that her last day was Monday. I was so sad. I had looked forward to her being the one I saw my whole pregnancy and delivering the baby. But she did recommend my second choice so I felt a little better. 
She told me all of my bloodwork looked good. She said my blood count was amazing. My weight had only gone up by 1.3lbs in a month so that is good. She did the exam and then did a short ultrasound so that Bryelle could see her little baby brother or sister. It was neat. :) She also told me that I didn't have to do the glucose test since I know how to monitor myself for gestational diabetes so that was good because that test is not fun at all. She sent me off with some Zofran for nausea and slipped me her phone number and told me that she wants to know what I end up having. I think I will update her during my pregnancy. She is such a sweet lady and I'm definitely going to miss her and still super sad that we won't be seeing her for the pregnancy. My next appointment is July 22nd with the other lady and while I can't say I'm as excited as I was with my other midwife, I'm still happy that I know I will be in good hands. 
When we got home from the appointment I decided to get everything ready to take a picture of Bryelle for the announcement. It took a few tries of writing on the chalkboard but I finally got it right. We went out to the backyard and set things up and I took a few photos. I had to be quick because Bryelle was restless. When I got back in to load them on the computer it took forever. I finally got them uploaded and cropped and then was able to share them on my Facebook page. The amount of love we got from our announcement was just amazing. We feel so blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. I hope you are enjoying my pregnancy story so far. :) Goodbye for now!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Almost 10 Weeks

I haven't posted in a while. Partly because I've been so tired. This baby has been taking a lot out of me and I can tell when it's going through a growth spurt. During those times I'm more tired but also more nauseous. The nausea has settled a little but it still is full force at night. That is when my appetite is the weakest. 
I am getting excited for our appointment next week. I will be 10 weeks and 4 days along. We get to see the baby for the first time at our first trimester ultrasound and then later that day is our appointment. I am not looking forward to the pelvic exam. I've actually had a little bit of anxiety about it, and a bad dream. I'm sure it will be ok though. 
A couple of days ago my husband Bryan gave me my birthday present a little early. It is a sonoline B fetal Doppler. I was able to hear Baby Nichelson #2's heartbeat. It was music to my ears and really brightened up my day. It is hard not to want to listen to it all the time, but it definitely makes me feel closer to the baby. 
So far I haven't really gained any weight. I am hoping to only gain a pound or two this trimester and only 5-10 or so in the next trimester and of course I will gain in the last. I just don't want to gain as much as I did when I was pregnant with Bryelle.
Anyways, just wanted to give an update on how I have been lately. Next time I blog it will be about our experience seeing our little one for the first time :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

8 Weeks and Feeling It

So I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant today and definitely feeling it. I am already so over being nauseous. Some days I wake up feeling great and feel great most of the day, but most days I don't feel well. It's not all day luckily but it's the better part of the day. Afternoon and evening mostly. I've tried a lot of remedies and so far haven't had a whole lot of relief. Let's see... I tried ginger candies and those make me want to vomit... I've tried peppermint lifesavers and they helped at first but now they too make me want to vomit. I tried ginger gum... Yuck. I've tried sea bands and they seem to help a little. Ginger ale kind of helps as well as ice cold water. I got some peppermint tea and that seemed to help. What really helps me though is sleep. I try and nap at least once a day. I just wish I didn't feel so crappy at dinner time. 
Today I started having a little carpel tunnel in my right hand. It's pretty uncomfortable which makes it hard to write this blog. I am actually going to end with this and I will be back later to write some more. Goodnight y'all. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeling So Much Better

Wow this has been quite a week! I was pretty sick every other day. It's really weird how that happened. Except for yesterday and today, I had been sick every other day. Not going to say on the off days I wasn't sick at all, but let's just say that there were days when I couldn't even get out of bed. 
Yesterday I used my friends fetal Doppler and got to hear baby's heart beat. It was reassuring. I haven't been able to hear it since though. :-/ and the fact that I don't really feel at all sick today, ok maybe a little, but hardly at all.. Makes me worry a little that maybe the HCG hormone isn't as strong as it was. Then again I did read something that said that this is around the time the placenta starts taking over so that my body doesn't have to work as hard to provide for the baby. 
I am 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant today. On Sunday I will be 8 weeks. It seems to be going kind of slow. Sunday will be the day that I announce my pregnancy. I am still thinking of an idea on how to do it. We will see. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Weeks

Well here we are at 7 weeks and 1 day. I have been having a terrible time with nausea. It is definitely worse than it was with my daughter. Friday night was awful. I was up from 3 until about 8 or 9 and just felt so sick. All day Saturday I spent either on the couch or in bed and had no appetite. Sunday I felt much better and got a lot of relief but now today I am back to how I was feelin on Saturday. I can't bare the thought of maybe seven more weeks of this. It just sounds horrible. I just want to cry. I feel like a bad mom because I'm finding it hard to even take care of my daughter at times. I am just glad my husband has been so helpful. Well I will leave this short at sweet because I need to close my eyes and get some rest. Maybe it will help me to feel better. We shall see.