Sunday, August 31, 2014

20 Weeks! Halfway Done!

Ive been waiting for this day for a while. We finally made it to the halfway point. I can't believe in 20 weeks we will be holding another beautiful baby girl in our arms. I can't even begin to describe all the different emotions this brings. It will definitely be a roller coaster ride, but I am ready for all that life with two kids will bring. 
We have been in California for my sisters wedding for the past few days. Her wedding is just under a week away. We've been doing little things here and there to get ready for the wedding. One being trying on my bridesmaid dress and getting it altered so it will fit just right. 
I have had to watch my blood sugar still while we have been here and so far I've gotten good numbers except for the first night. I am really proud of myself for how well I am doing. I really am trying to avoid medicine at all costs. We have an appointment the day after we get back to see if my numbers have been good enough to be able to see a midwife again instead of a doctor. We shall see... 
Besides being extremely exhausted this trimester, everything is good. I am feeling Isabelle move more and more every day. Her kicks and nudges are starting to get stronger and can be felt on the outside now. I can't wait for her to join our family. I always said I wanted a boy and a girl and then I would be done having kids, but I think my heart will be complete with my two little girls. 
I am hoping my energy will come back soon but so far it's looking like it won't. I remember with Bryelle I had energy my whole second trimester and it was great. I guess havig a toddler this time around really is weighing me down. It will be ok though. I still have about 6 weeks left in this trimester to gain some energy back before I start getting really big. 
Anyways, I don't have much of an update, but things are going well. That is all for now!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 19 and Feeling Exhausted!

I literally feel like I could fall over at any second. I am so tired! I bet Isabelle is going through a growth spurt or something. I will definitely be sleeping good tonight. 
With the discouraging day I had on Thursday at the doctors office, I will say that I have been doing really well with keeping my glucose levels where they should be. Except for today after lunch. I had too many carbs at lunch and my numbers were 11 above where they should be. Fortunately the doctor told me on Thursday that they mainly look at the fasting numbers so that is good. Still, I want to start being extra careful with what I eat. The hard part about following a diet for gestational diabetes is that if you want to eat something with a lot of carbs, you can only have a very small amount and you have to decide if it is worth it or not. Otherwise it's best to stick with foods that are low in carbs and high in protein so that you stay full longer. There is something so satisfying about something with a lot of carbs though. Not to mention I have a sweet tooth I inherited from both of my grandmas. Anyways, onto other things :)
Wednesday will be our first plane ride together as a family. Bryelle will be sitting on Bryan's lap and maybe some of the time on mine. I originally thought that my belly would be a bit bigger by now but I am actually doing really good! We are going to CA for my sisters wedding and it will be nice to get away and to see family and friends. 
I really have to step up my game and watch really closely what I eat and make sure to get exercise while we are gone. It is my only chance to prove to the doctors that I can manage my diabetes with diet as well as exercise. I have an appointment the day after we get back so it literally is my only chance. I really don't want to have to take medication or be considered high risk so I will do what it takes to make sure that doesn't happen. 
Yesterday we got down a bunch of boxes from the attic of clothes that were Bryelle's. The funny thing is we just put them up there back in April. Surprisingly she doesn't have as much newborn clothes as I thought she did. She was in newborn for quite a while. Even at 3 months her 3 month clothes were still really big so she still wore some newborn. I will have to get some more for Isabelle that are warm because since Bryelle was born in October it was not very cold. There are so many cute girl outfits out there. I bought the girls matching outfits for when Isabelle comes home from the hospital and I can't wait to see them both in them and take a picture of the two of them together. :) 
Well, that is all for now. Talk to you all again soon :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Overwhelming Day!

Hello there! By now I am sure you have all heard the news! We are expecting another baby girl! Isabelle Grace! We are thrilled! As much as I wanted a little boy, I really wanted another girl. It is going to be so much fun! Poor daddy will be outnumbered still but its ok! Anyways, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my OB appointment that I had before my ultrasound.
First off, I did not see my normal midwife, as she was on vacation. Right away I didnt really get a good vibe from her. She seemed pushy and sarcastic. Totally not my style. I told her I was concerned that my glucometer may not be functioning properly. Since I did have a few high numbers she went out to search for a doctor to come and talk to me. The doctor told me that since half of my fasting numbers for the week were high, I need to either go on medication to get the numbers in control, or I need to really watch my diet and start exercising. I told the doctor that I didn't want to take medication and that I would be controlling it with diet and exercise. I pray that I will be able to, otherwise I will be considered high-risk and will have to see a DR for the remainder of my pregnancy and potentially have to be induced.
The OB told me that since I have a history of asthma that I need to go see an asthma specialist to set up an asthma action plan. I haven't really had any issues with my asthma since I was pregnant with Bryelle, so I feel like this is a waste of time.. Oh well, better safe than sorry I suppose.
Lastly, the OB asked me if I had any questions. I asked her a couple, and then I asked her if my weight gain was on track. I was expecting her to say yes since I had only gained 5.5 pounds at my last appointment, and I had only gained about 5 pounds since then... Well, my weight gain to her was NOT ok... She pretty much told me that since I started out overweight that I should have only gained TWO pounds total so far. I dont see how that is possible but it really upset me a lot. I left the doctors office almost in tears. I dont care what she says, I think I am doing really good. I am already almost halfway through my pregnancy and have only gained 10.7 pounds... That is pretty darn good if you ask me!
Anyways, although my day didnt start out the greatest, our ultrasound turned it all around! I cannot wait to meet my second daughter, Isabelle Grace!

PS. My Blood Pressure was good today, 118/77 and baby girls heartrate was in the 140's. :)

Baby Nichelson #2 Is......

A GIRL!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last Chance to Take a Guess!

Tomorrow is the big day! Stay tuned tomorrow for the updated version of the picture below to see what our little bundle of joy will be. :) 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

18 Weeks, Gender Scan Week!

I can't begin to describe how happy I am to see this week. I have been waiting for this week for a while now. In less than two days we will be getting to see our little one who we haven't seen in about two months. I'm sure so much has changed since the first time we saw him or her and now we will be finding out if this baby is a boy or girl. As long as the baby cooperates, we should know on Thursday. I am so anxious, I cannot wait. 
I am still very torn on what I want the baby to be. It would only be natural for me to want a boy since I have a girl already, but at the same time it would be awesome to have another baby girl. Either way I will be happy but then again slightly disappointed. Not disappointed in the sense that I won't be happy for what I will be having, but just in the sense that I just wish I could have one of each and just get it over with. I guess we could always try for another later if we wanted to. Edited:*** I need to be mindful of those who cannot have children or who have been trying for many years, and be thankful that we were given this sweet gift, which I am--VERY grateful. No matter what the gender I will still be so happy, especially if the baby has a clean bill of health. That is all that matters. ***
On another note, my numbers for my blood glucose haven't been the greatest. They are pretty inconsistent actually. Some days they are good and other days they are a little higher than what they should be. I'm just praying that the next few days they stay in the range they are suppose to be and that it turns out that I won't have gestational diabetes. If I do, I know how to handle it, it's just not very fun. 
I also wanted to add, I have been feeling the baby kick every day for the past week and it's amazing how fresh in my memory this feeling is from when I was pregnant with Bryelle. I love this part of being pregnant :)
Well, that is all for now. Stay tuned for the next blog entry which I think will be on Thursday after I find out what we are having :) 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Four Finger-Pricks a Day, For Seven Days

In my last entry, I told you that I would be having to check my blood sugar for a week to make sure that I do not have gestational diabetes. That started today. So far I have had to check it three times and so far its been good. I am not sure why they are having me check it so early on in my pregnancy. Normally when they check for gestational diabetes its between 26-28 weeks, I believe. Maybe since I have already had it, they wanted to check sooner. Either way, I just hope that if all goes well for this coming week, I will be cleared and not have to be on that strict diet I was on with Bryelle. Not that I would really mind, I got to eat pretty much the same foods. I just had to limit the amounts that I ate if it was something with high carbs, which in turn made it almost not worth it at times.
Anyways, my first reading this morning was a little weird... It was 78, and I thought that was kind of low considering I ate a good amount of tortilla chips last night. So I tested again right after and it said 92, and then again and it said 90. So I am really not sure what number is the right one but I guess it will be fine... Then, two hours after I ate breakfast I tested again and it was 88. Two hours after lunch it was 92. These are all really good readings... In order for me to not be considered to have gestational diabetes, my fasting levels have to be 90 or below, and my levels two hours after a meal need to be below 120. So far I am doing really well. I just hope this keeps up through the weekend and the rest of the week. Normally people tend to consume more carbs over the weekend... At least I know I do.
Well, that is just a little update on what I have to do this week. Cannot believe that in a week we will hopefully find out if this is a baby boy or baby girl, and that in three days I will be 18 weeks along! Crazy how fast time is flying by. I am getting nervous for labor already and I still have a ways to go!
Well, that is all for now! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

17 Weeks, 23 Weeks to Go!

Cant believe we are at 17 weeks already! I remember 17 weeks when I was pregnant with Bryelle and that is when I first started feeling her kick. I've been feeling this baby move for a few weeks now, and kicks for a couple weeks.  Still nothing very consistent. We find out in a week and a half what we are having. The anticipation is killing me! I have been so tempted to make an appointment at the 3D ultrasound place, but we will wait. I am still getting a little nausea here and there even though I thought it was gone. Hopefully I don't end up like those women who have nausea their whole pregnancy! 
Today we took a bunch of stuff down from the attic. Mostly just gender neutral stuff. I don't want to take all the baby stuff down only to have to put most of it back up if the baby ends up being a boy, which I hope is the case! I want a boy, but I will be just as happy with a healthy baby girl. 
Bryelle thought we took the baby stuff down for her. She was playing with some of it and putting her baby doll in the infant car seat. It was cute. I am wondering how she will take to having a new baby in the house. I think she is going to be a good big sister. I just hope she is a nice sister and shares with her baby brother or sister. I think she will do fine. 
Thursday I start monitoring my blood sugar four times a day for a week. Not really fun but it's something I have to do to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes and it's better that having to drink that gross glucola drink! It may not taste bad but it sure makes you feel sick the rest of the day! No thanks!
Well, that is all for now. I still don't know how much weight I have gained since the last drs appointment but in a week and a half I will find out at the next one. Hoping it's under 5 pounds but we will see! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week Sixteen

I didn't blog last week but nothing really changed much from the previous week. Here we are in week 16. I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and the baby's kicks have been getting stronger the last couple of days. I remember the first time Bryelle started kicking, like it was yesterday. I was 17.5 weeks when I felt the first kick with her. I've always heard that you feel the second baby sooner. That seems to be true in my case. :)
Last week we picked out some boy names. We have had a girl name picked out since early on, but I had the hardest time with choosing a boy name. I am pretty sure that we have our boys name picked out now. I can't wait to find out what I am having. I will be happy either way. Only 2 weeks left til we have our ultrasound :) 
I was able to go to the gym yesterday after being unable to get up the energy to go for the last few months. I am hoping to keep it up and go at least three times a week. Gotta keep myself and this baby healthy! My nausea is almost completely gone too but if I don't eat enough during the day I start feeling weak and sick. 
I have been really tired lately though. It's been hard to get anything done around this house because my energy levels are so low. I'm hoping in a few weeks I will get some energy back :) 
Other than not having energy, everything is going good. I'm curious to know how much weight I have gained now. My scale stopped working and I haven't gotten new batteries for it yet. 
Well that is all for now. :)