Sunday, August 10, 2014

17 Weeks, 23 Weeks to Go!

Cant believe we are at 17 weeks already! I remember 17 weeks when I was pregnant with Bryelle and that is when I first started feeling her kick. I've been feeling this baby move for a few weeks now, and kicks for a couple weeks.  Still nothing very consistent. We find out in a week and a half what we are having. The anticipation is killing me! I have been so tempted to make an appointment at the 3D ultrasound place, but we will wait. I am still getting a little nausea here and there even though I thought it was gone. Hopefully I don't end up like those women who have nausea their whole pregnancy! 
Today we took a bunch of stuff down from the attic. Mostly just gender neutral stuff. I don't want to take all the baby stuff down only to have to put most of it back up if the baby ends up being a boy, which I hope is the case! I want a boy, but I will be just as happy with a healthy baby girl. 
Bryelle thought we took the baby stuff down for her. She was playing with some of it and putting her baby doll in the infant car seat. It was cute. I am wondering how she will take to having a new baby in the house. I think she is going to be a good big sister. I just hope she is a nice sister and shares with her baby brother or sister. I think she will do fine. 
Thursday I start monitoring my blood sugar four times a day for a week. Not really fun but it's something I have to do to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes and it's better that having to drink that gross glucola drink! It may not taste bad but it sure makes you feel sick the rest of the day! No thanks!
Well, that is all for now. I still don't know how much weight I have gained since the last drs appointment but in a week and a half I will find out at the next one. Hoping it's under 5 pounds but we will see! 

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