Monday, May 26, 2014


So, up until yesterday I really haven't had any food aversions, but I figured out today that one of my aversions so far is spaghetti. Even just typing out the word I am trying not to gag. My husband had leftover spaghetti last night and the smell was repulsive. Then, he said tonight at his meeting they had spaghetti. Totally grossed me out. Yuck. It's been really hard lately to eat healthy but I had a taco salad for dinner. You have to start somewhere. And I've noticed that if I want to eat healthy I pretty much have to force feed myself, unless it's fruit and then I'm all for it. Which reminds me, I bought some organic green grapes today and they are amazing. I'm so glad I bought them. They even helped my nausea. I do have quite the sweet tooth though. As I type I am snacking on some Haagen Dazs ice cream. It's definitely hitting the spot. I've noticed that cold stuff really helps the nausea. Especially iced cold water. 
My husband has been really helpful lately and I'm so grateful. I made a huge mess today in the kitchen and he is totally cleaning up after me with no complaints. My nausea has been pretty bad today but that is a good thing because it means the baby is growing. It still doesn't seem as bad as it did with Bryelle but it could get worse. We will see in no time. I have my first appointment on Wednesday and although it's only an intake appointment I am still hoping I can stop in and see the midwife I saw with Bryelle. 
Today I got up a little energy to take a walk. Bryelle and I went to the park and walked a mile before it got dark and started raining again. A little over half way through the walk I got the urge to use the restroom, and I had just went before we left the house. I guess my uterus is pushing on my bladder already. As if it weren't already weak! Oh well just another good sign that baby Nichelson number two is growing like he or she should. :)

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