Sunday, July 27, 2014

14 Week Happenings

This past Tuesday we had our 14 week check up. The baby's heart rate was 163 and my weight is going up at a good rate. My blood pressure looked awesome too which is a good thing. We got to schedule our second trimester ultrasound where we will get to find out the baby's sex. We are so excited and can't wait for that day! August 21st!
During my appointment we also talked about my last pregnancy and how I had gestational diabetes. I opted out this time around to do the glucose test where I would have to drink the glucola. I have heard not so good things about what that drink is made out of, so I requested that I do a week long finger prick test instead. So, before my next appointment I will need to test my blood sugar four times a day. I will then bring my meter to my next appointment and they will hook it up to a computer to get my readings and evaluate them to determine if I will need to monitor my blood sugar the remainder of my pregnancy, go on a special diet, or in a worst case scenario take pills or administer shots. Let's pray that I won't resort to having to do the latter.  
Other than all that everything is going good and my nausea is finally starting to come to an end. Yay! My clothes have started getting a little snug around my middle but that is to be expected. Feeling a little more movement here and there and I think I may have even felt a couple of gentle kicks yesterday but I am not sure. 

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