Monday, July 7, 2014

12 Weeks and Counting

Well, Sunday marked 12 weeks of pregnancy. I have been waiting for 6 weeks now to get to this point. I am FINALLY starting to feel a little more like my self again. At the same time, my clothes are starting to get a little more snug, and I am starting to enjoy looking in the mirror less and less. I have got to get my butt moving. Since I have been dealing with morning sickness, it is hard to get up and go to the gym, but I need to. I really didn't stay active with Bryelle, and I gained about 42 pounds (until I lost 8 of them after my diet change) but still, I dont want to gain that much this time. I can slowly see myself falling into the same patterns, so I need to start doing things differently.
This weekend we had a great time celebrating the 4th of July. I felt great almost all day, of course, until we were going to have company over. Zofran still isn't helping the nausea much. I have found though, that if I make sure to eat frequent small meals, and get my rest, I seem to feel much better throughout the day. The frequent meals has been a little easier, but I can't seem to get my rest during the day lately. I need to work on that more, and make it a point to rest when Bryelle rests, and leave the housework for later.
So far I have gained about 3.5 pounds. Not so bad for 12 weeks along. I am still in my regular clothes, although I have worn a couple maternity bottoms here and there, just because they feel comfortable. I need to invest in some maxi dresses for the rest of the summer. I remember them being so comfortable when I was pregnant with Bryelle. I did get some money for my birthday last month, so maybe I will put it to good use.
Some of the other things I have going on are a very weak gag reflex... I cant even brush my teeth without gagging, and often after I eat I have to clear my throat, and that causes me to gag a lot too. Its not fun... Boobs are still super sore. I do get low back aches here and there, and a little bit of cramping if I haven't drank enough water during the day. Other than that, just the normal sensitivity to smells, and occasional nausea. I am hoping that in the next 2.5 weeks I will be all done with the nausea. I am sure that my husband is hoping that too. He doesn't like seeing me like this. It will be a nice change for all of us!
We are slowly starting to get the bedrooms ready for baby. We moved all of Bryelle's toys to the spare bedroom and we are working on getting her a bedroom set for in there.  I cannot wait til she has her big girl room! I am sure she will be excited too. We cant wait to find out what we are having so we can figure out if we need to paint over the pink stripes in Bryelle's current room. If we do, it will be an easy fix since the rest of the room is green and white. I am still very overwhelmed at the thought of having two kids, but I am sure everything is going to be just fine...
Well, that is all for now!


  1. You are a fantastic mommy, you will do just as great with another little love I just know it! :-)

    1. Aww thanks my friend. I sure hope so!