Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It's been a few weeks since I have blogged. I actually wrote a blog around week 25 on my phone, but for some reason the blogger app would not publish it. Nothing much has been new the past couple of weeks.
Today I did go into Labor and Delivery because I had been cramping off and on the last three or four days. More so than cramping, I was getting a lot of very frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions. Although they are normal during pregnancy, I didn't feel that the frequency at which I was getting them was normal. Especially since I had been staying hydrated, and being sure not to over do it. A lot of the time they were happening when I was sitting or laying down, which was odd to me.
They monitored the baby's heart rate and also monitored any contractions I may have been having. They told me that it was really strange that they were able to pick baby up on the monitor so clearly since I am only 27 weeks along, and that even at 28 weeks they have a hard time picking up the baby as clear as they did with Isabelle... Thats a good thing, but it made the nurse wonder if maybe I am a little further along... Who knows...
Everything looked good so they decided to take me off of the monitors and then had me give a urine sample, and they also did a speculum exam where they took swabs to get cultures to check for any infection. Everything came back normal and I was told that I am probably just experiencing normal pregnancy symptoms but I was advised to come back if I experience any sort of bleeding or very painful contractions or cramping.
I am glad that everything was normal, it just sucks that I will probably have to just "deal" with the tightening for as long as it decides to last. I've been relaxing and trying to stay off of my feet for the rest of the day.
On Saturday we will be having our 3D ultrasound and I am so excited for that. I cant wait to get a glimpse of what our little Isabelle looks like, and to make sure she really is an Isabelle, and not an Ezra ;) I am looking forward to the DVD we will get with it too.
Next week I have an appointment with my midwife, and I believe it is my second to last monthly appointment... After that I will have appointments every two weeks until 38 weeks and then after that will be weekly. I cannot believe how quickly we are approaching the end of my pregnancy. Soon its going to be all over, so I am trying to enjoy what little bit of time being pregnant, and being a mommy to one child, that I can.
Well, that is all for now. This momma is beat!

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